The Sure Filter product is design to meet engine requirement and customer


SURE FILTER TECHNOLOGY INC. commit to a defect free product either in
material or workmanship to the recommended service life. This is extended
to the period of one full year from the date of delivery to the end-user.
In any event, if a defective product is found, they will be replaced.

If in the unlikely event, in which an engine or its component is damage
due to the sole and direct cause and necessitates a repair, SURE FILTER
will restore the engine to the exact condition prior to the damage.


This warranty does not cover or take responsibility for failure due to
faulty installation, modification, neglect, misuse, wrong application
or accident. SURE FILTER is not responsible for downtime, loss of income
or any incidental or consequential losses or damages.

SURE FILTER TECHNOLOGY INC. Reserves the exclusive right to charge the
product design and its application.

SURE FILTER catalogue and cross reference offer as a guide only and does
not guarantee the accuracy and changes brought about by the O.E.M.

Effective date: May 31, 2004.