Cabin Anti Virus

1. Improves your health by stopping viruses, allergens, bacteria and fungi.
2. Improves your driving experience through the removal of odors and harmful exhaust gases.
3. Keeps the air in your car clean by eliminating dust and microscopic particles.


Virus Protection
Provides cutting edge protection  by killing the germs and viruses that can cause diseases.


Bacterial & Mold Protection
By removing all airborne bacteria, virus, and fungi hence it stops formation of related molds


Allergy Protection
Eliminates allergens that can trigger hypersensitive reactions like asthma.

2.5 micron
Filters out dust particles up to 2.5 microns. This is 30 times smaller than the width of a hair.

Odor Absorber
Active carbon layer removes unpleasant odors and harmful gases.

Recommended replacement interval
To ensure best performance, please replace your filter every 10,000 miles or after one year from the date of installation. You may adjust replacement depending on specific the vehicle operates conditions.


Laboratory Test