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Obsolete / Replaced Product

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Sure NumberFilter TypeModelNoteStatusReplace By
SFA 5552SFA 5552Air FilterElementREPLACED BYSFA 8161
SFA 5616SFA 5616Air FilterElementOBSOLETE
SFA 4723FSFA 4723FAir FilterElementREPLACED BYSFA 4723PF
SFA 2048SFA 2048Air FilterElementexactly same as SFA 6272REPLACED BYSFA 6272
SFA 0444SFA 0444Air FilterElementexactly same as SFA 5778REPLACED BYSFA 5778
SFA 110-1SFA 110-1Air FilterElementHard PU type uses SFA 110REPLACED BYSFA 1101
SFA 2099SFA 2099Air FilterElementRacing, Wire MeshREPLACED BYSFA 1099R
SFA 0479SFA 0479Air FilterElementto upgrade use SFC 80479REPLACED BYSFC 80479
SFA 0070SFA 0070Air FilterElementREPLACED BYSFR 5576FW
SFA 0086SFA 0086Air FilterElementWithout Foam, with foam version uses SFA 0190REPLACED BYSFA 5789