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Warranty & Disclaimer

SURE FILTER product is design to meet engine requirement and customer satisfaction


SURE FILTER commits to a defect free product either in material or workmanship to the recommended service life of original equipment manufacturer. In any event, if a defective product is found, they will be replaced.

In the unlikely event, in which an engine or its component is damaged due to the sole and direct cause and necessitates a repair, SURE FILTER will reimburse costs to restore  the engine to the exact condition prior to the damage.

In the event where a claim is suspected to be caused by SURE FILTER, the suspected or damage filter should be kept intact and return to SURE FILTER for claim process.



This warranty does not cover or take responsibility for failure due to faulty installation, modification, neglect, misuse, wrong application or accident. SURE FILTER is not responsible for downtime, loss of income or any incidental or consequential losses or damages.

SURE FILTER reserves the exclusive right to change the product design and its application.

SURE FILTER catalogue and cross reference offered as a guide only and does not guarantee the accuracy and changes brought about by the O.E.M.


Effective date: August, 2017

SURE FILTER Products are design to fullfill customer convenience and we endeavor our best effort basis to get the correct cross-references. However SURE FILTER does not guarantee the accuracy and not liable for any wrong application.